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The Super Smash Wars Sequel Brings Together The Empire Strikes Back and Nintendo [Video]

The Empire Smashes Back is widely regarded as the best episode by fans.


Nintendo fans probably need a potion to fill up their hearts today after official confirmation that the Wii U is flopping incredibly hard. Luckily, Super Smash Wars 2: The Empire Smashes Back came out today, and it’s got enough Nintendo/Star Wars references to make you forget Nintendo’s current struggles. For a little while.

To squeeze in all of the awesome references and the entire plot of The Empire Strikes Back, animator James Farr had to split the episode into two halves. We can’t wait for the third installment, which probably won’t be quite as great as this one, but it’ll have Ewoks.

(via ViralViralVideos, image via James Farr on YouTube)

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