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Super Mario Maker Might Just Be the Reason to Buy a Wii U

About time you showed up, killer app!

To celebrate Mario’s 30th anniversary, Nintendo is releasing Super Mario Maker for Wii U, which essentially transforms your Wii U into a Mario game dev machine,* and it might just be more compelling to buy than the Wii U as a game console. *Shigeru Miyamato not included.

The game’s a unique one, though, and if Nintendo has struggled with anything on the Wii U, it’s been marketing. So, they gave Super Mario Maker a fittingly unique trailer; instead of just showing gameplay, the new trailer above explains the functions of the game in-depth to make sure everyone understands just how incredible a game making tool Maker is.

Not only does the game feature tons of customization options—including four different 2D Mario generations’ visual style options that you can change on the fly—but it has online features to turn it into the ultimate Mario game. As long as the level you create can be completed, you can upload it online for other players to play—with the option to follow creators whose work you’ve enjoyed to make it easier to find levels in the future.

Or you can just play randomized levels to see if you can get through them all with a limited number of lives and play a Mario game that never has to end—or get old and boring because you’ve completed all the levels. If you’re tired of the same old Mario games time after time, this might finally be the one that adds more to the experience than better graphics and new power ups, and it might be the reason to buy a Wii U if you’ve been waiting.

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