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Super Bowl Reaches Over 12,000 Tweets Per Second, Doesn’t Come Close to Annual Movie Screening’s Record

With each subsequent big event, we continue to see Twitter’s tweets per second record rise. Super Bowl XLVI was yesterday, and one can assume that Twitter was pretty active. If you didn’t see the people you are following spamming your feed to death with extremely informative tweets like “!!!” or “omg,” you still probably wouldn’t be surprised to know that Twitter was quite active during the game, especially during the last three minutes, which is when the tweets per second count was at its highest. During the last three minutes of the game, a count of 12,233 tweets per second was reached. This eclipsed last year’s Super Bowl tweets per second record of 4,064, but didn’t come close to an annual Japanese screening of Castle in the Sky, which hit 25,088 tweets per second.

During the halftime show, Twitter recorded a peak of 10,245 tweets per second, as well as a span of five minutes that stayed above 8,000 tweets per second. This year’s Super Bowl’s record sets the tweets per second record for  sports-related event, though isn’t even half of the all time record.

For comparison, Twitter says people send around an average of 2,900 tweets per second. As time goes on, the tweets per second for events continues to rise, which isn’t exactly shocking, due to Twitter’s growth, increasing relevancy, and the urge users get to blab away about nothing in particular.

Also, no, I don’t know what was up with that halftime show.

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