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Super 8 Movie Trailer Leaks from Iron Man 2 Screening: Watch it Here

Remember Super 8, the forthcoming J.J. Abrams-directed, Stephen Spielberg-produced movie that we were very excited about? Well, last night, some lucky Iron Man 2 moviegoers got to watch the first-ever trailer for Super 8. Now, thanks to the magical things that happen when you pack some of the hardest-core geeks into a movie theater and give some of them cameraphones and YouTube accounts, you can too.

The leaked Super 8 trailer after the jump is dimly lit, and the camera is a bit shaky, but hey! That makes it kind of like the entirety of Cloverfield, right?

Update: the original trailer has since been pulled from YouTube, but a better one has been added, so we’re putting it here.

As per the the tenets of the J.J. Abrams buzz machine, there’s not a ton we learn from this. The first two title cards read “In 1979, the U.S. Air Force closed a section of Area 51” and “All materials were to be transported to a secure facility in Ohio.” The next two confirm that it is from producer Stephen Spielberg and director J.J. Abrams, and the final card that Super 8 will be arriving next summer. There is also some business involving a truck, a train, an explosion, and a mysterious container, but you will have to watch the trailer for yourself to see all that.

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