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Everything Is Wrong With This Douching Ad [Video]

Great Moments in Advertising

Hi there! This is the stupidest thing you’ll see today. While we are in favor of revering the powers of the mighty vagina to an extent (since we have them and all), this Summer’s Eve ad — which ran in one theater before the Harry Potter movie — is yet another case of advertising a product using sexist and phallic imagery — Well hello, two sets of guys fighting for the noble honor of the (vinegar-fresh) vadge with pointed objects! — to try and get you to stick something in your lady business that doesn’t belong there. Ancient women have been doing throughout the ages! Primitive (read “non-white”) cultures did it too! And all advertising execs know that tribal imagery will remind viewers of “herbal” or “organic” remedies and distract them from the fact that they’re selling scented vinegar wipes. (We’re looking at you, lady with her arms outstretched to the sky in the shape of a “V”!)

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And this isn’t just advertising creating a problem that doesn’t exist. It’s shilling a product that’s bad for you. Douching is actually really unhealthy, even dangerous. Don’t douche. Trust us, your vagina is fine. And even undouched, it is still worthy of honor without men having to fight over it or babies being birthed from it.

But should this kind of thing surprise us, since it’s coming from the ad wizards who said that the best way to get a raise was to douche? Maybe not. And yeah, in the tiniest, teensiest way, they acknowledge their own ridiculousness by the end of the ad, but not enough to negate the complete and total misfire they just squirted at us.

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