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The branches of government are meant to check and balance each other, but whose job is it to keep that entire system in check and make sure it’s working? It’s ours.

The Mary Sue has always been a place not only for geek culture, but for lifting up marginalized voices and standing up for equality for everyone, whether in the entertainment world or beyond. We like to have fun with our writing, but we take that responsibility very seriously. As we in the United States prepare for an incoming presidential administration, led by Donald Trump, that is openly hostile toward the press—to the point of turning language describing deliberate disinformation back on reputable news sources instead—it’s more important than ever that we stick to that mission.

To do that, we need your support. We’re not part of a giant media corporation, and while that gives us independence, it also means that we need our community’s help. Subscribing to The Mary Sue—which also gets you some nice bonuses—costs only $4.99 per month ($3.99 if you subscribe annually), but it allows our small team of writers to continue using our platform to shine a light on what we think is important.

There are many online news outlets, but we pride ourselves on injecting our unique viewpoint into the stories we write, and it’s a viewpoint we believe the USA and the world desperately need right now. We’ve always done this because, above all else, we think it’s necessary—it’s no secret that our site hasn’t been a profitable endeavor. If you enjoy reading our site and you can afford it, we ask that you please subscribe to help us keep The Mary Sue going and put it to the best possible use that we can at this critical time.

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