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The Pete Holmes Show’s Street Fighter Red Tape Finally Brings in Guile

Ah yes, ol' Camp Boot. Home of the boot camp.

So, we love The Pete Holmes Show, but we also know that it sometimes tends to beat its recurring sketch concepts into the ground just a bit. Damn it if the mere sight of Joel McHale in a Guile wig didn’t almost make me spit my coffee out all over my computer, though. You keep doin’ you, Pete. And God bless America!

To be honest, I’m surprised this beleaguered bureaucrat doesn’t remember the Europe No Gun War War of ’63. How could he forget that Guile was a colonel for the Allied Nations in their attack on the country of Shadaloo? He beat up Bison in a big elaborate showdown! They made a movie about it and everything! For shame, Pete Holmes. For shame.

(via Uproxxx)

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