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Digging Into Big Data: Watch the O’Reilly Strata Conference Live Here


We’ve already seen data scientist described as the sexiest job of the next century, so by one metric, The O’Reilly Strata Conference — which brings together big names in big data to talk about their big ideas — is the sexiest event going today. We’ll be hosting the live stream of the conference’s keynote speeches today and tomorrow to help you keep up on the latest developments in data. Whether you want to know how better data analysis could make for more effective, efficient government services or you just want a better understanding of how EA is using data to make better games — and track your spending on them — there’s something for you. Check out the stream of the event from Santa Clara, California and some of our picks for the speeches we’re most interested in below. And don’t worry — unless something very surprising happens, this conference will stay very SFW.

Strata kicks off in earnest today at 8:45 PST. Ten minutes later, you can catch EA’s CTO Rajat Taneja discussing how data is changing the way we game, and how it will keep transforming the games we play in the future — hopefully for the better. LinkedIn’s Yael Garten takes the stage at 9:30 for a short exploration of how mobile technology is already transforming how we gather data, and could soon change how we parse it as well. And later this afternoon at 1:30, data miner Lutz Finger and Professor Soumitra Dutta will chat about how better data analysis can reveal astroturfing and other misleading media strategies.

All times are PST, and you can get a full schedule for the day’s live streamed events at the Strata site. As for the stream itself, we’ll have it rocking and rolling below just as soon as it starts. Enjoy the show, everyone!

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