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If the Stranger Things Kids Could Stop Being So Great at Literally Everything, My Self-Esteem Would Appreciate It

Are you tired of hearing about the cast of Stranger Things yet? Well, sorry, there’s more! It’s been two weeks since Season 2 came out, and the cast has been going nonstop with their overly charming promo tour. But as long as these kids keep being publicly amazing, we’re going to be telling you about it. Especially when it involves singing and light dancing.

You may already be aware that many of the Stranger Things kids come from a Broadway background. If not, please allow me to direct your attention to Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin) doing what appears to be Les Mis birthday party karaoke.

Caleb McLaughlin (Lucas) played Simba in The Lion King on Broadway.

Sadie Sink played the title role in Annie on Broadway, while Finn Wolfhard is basically a tiny rockstar and as we all know, Millie Bobby Brown is just amazing in every way.

All of that is to say that the way the boys of the cast nail that Motown medley with James Corden in the video up top isn’t surprising–it’s not even the first time the kids have sung together; that, thankfully, happens with some frequency–but it’s still impressive.

The video opens with an extended bit about Corden having gone to school with the kids (he was “held back a couple of years”), and they formed a Motown cover group together, The Upside Downs. Are their dance moves slightly out of sync? Yes, sure, and I fully don’t care. It’s endearing and perfect and there’s literally nothing they can’t do. It would be annoying if it weren’t so damn charming.

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