Can You Decipher Stranger Things‘s Creepy Montage Promo?

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Stranger Things season 2 is almost here, and Netflix knows how outrageously excited we are to watch the residents of Hawkins suffer through more supernatural terror with the backdrop of October spookiness.

The creepy “1984” promo above showed off some of the strange pop-culture phenomenons of the year that somehow evokes both New Coke and Orwell, along with all kinds of movies that’ll no doubt make for some sweet references. There was also this delightful ’80s montage of everyone, as the streaming service teases more nostalgic, strange, and exciting things to come.

But what is happening here?

In a new promo, we see a terrifying montage that involves sunflowers, newspaper headings, and a close-up of Eleven’s nose and mouth speaking what appears to be directions. But where are they coming from? Where are they going? Also, is it just me or does the first shot of Eleven’s mouth look a bit different from the following one? Sunflowers! Rainbows!

Can you figure out what Eleven’s trying to say here, or is Netflix just trying to freak us out?

(image: screencap)

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