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Steven Moffat Explains Doctor Who‘s Statue of Liberty Plot Hole, Just Makes Things More Confusing

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In the aftermath of season seven’s “The Angels Take Manhattan” Doctor Who fans the world over could be heard crying unto the heavens: “If the Statue of Liberty is a Weeping Angel, how did it manage to get all the way across Manhattan? There are people looking at it literally all the time.”

Welp, Steven Moffat has an answer for you. It causes more questions than it answers, but I’ve come to expect nothing less from him.

Explained Moffat to Doctor Who Magazine:

“The Angels can do so many things. They can bend time, climb inside your mind, hide in pictures, steal your voice, mess with your perception, leak stone from your eye… New York in 1938 was a nest of Angels and the people barely more than farm animals. The abattoir of the lonely assassins!

“In those terrible days, in that conquered city, you saw and understood only what the Angels allowed, so Liberty could move and hunt as it wished, in the blink of an eye, unseen by the lowly creatures upon which it preyed. Also, it tiptoed.”

So the answer is… mind control? The Weeping Angels can zap you back in time, turn you into one of them just by looking at a picture (all those people who buy Statue of Liberty postcards must be really screwed), and now, if there are enough of them, they can alter the perception of millions of people at once. How does that work? How many other places does that happen in? When it comes to controlling the human populace of New York, do they have a time-sharing system worked out with the Silence?

Susana said, and I have to agree, that it’d be so much better if he’d just said “Because it’s cool.”

But whatever. That plot point made no sense, but now it’s gone, never to be brought up again (I hope).

(via: RadioTimes)

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