Actresses With Steve Buscemi’s Eyes

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Sometimes the internet shows you things that make you super excited and you run out and show them to everybody. And sometimes the internet shows you things that you have that are so weird and inexplicable that you have to run out and show everybody just so that other people can feel the same pain. So, someone took the time to superimpose and then blend the eyes of famous culty actor Steve Buscemi onto various Hollywood starlets known for their ability to not look like Steve Buscemi. (Who we love, but if we’re being honest …) Just be glad we’re not leaving you with this as our last image of the day. (You’re welcome.)

These are the Olsen twins, Mary Kate and Ashley. And this is what Full House really did to them.

Halle Berry suffers from ragweed allergies.

Scarlett Johansson partied for 74 hours before this picture was taken.

Hilary Swank is not keeping up with her contractual cosmetic surgery obligations.

And Ke$ha actually always looks like this.

(Chicks With SteveBuscemeyes)

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