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Stephen Colbert’s Interview With Maurice Sendak Is As Awesome As You Heard It Was [Video]

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You may have heard about the two-part interview that Stephen Colbert conducted with author/illustrator Maurice Sendak (Where the Wild Things Are). You may have also heard that it was pretty awesome, and everything you’ve heard is correct. We’ve posted both parts here, and we invite you to join this highly intellectual discussion on who Sendak really writes for and his opinions on one of the current presidential candidates. If we’d been a fly on the wall for this, we would have buzzed around Maurice Sendak just to see what kind of curmudgeonly reaction he’d have. Part 2 appears after the jump.

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And here is Part 2, in which Sendak teaches Colbert how to write a children’s book and then they both sniff markers.

(via Colbert Nation)

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