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Stephen Colbert Declassifies Trump’s Latest Chaos as Watergate 2: Resign Harder

“Here’s the dealio. When Kislyak and Lavrov were in the Oval Office last week, Trump apparently went off script and started describing details about an Islamic State terrorist threat. That’s unbelievable! Trump has a script? I don’t believe that for a minute. I need intel on that.”

As per usual, Stephen Colbert is our saving grace and one of the few lights that cut through the smothering Trump darkness. Sometimes I think so much catastrophic news seems to break late in the day in an attempt to prevent the late night hosts from mocking the President’s dangerous blunders and, y’know, high crimes and misdemeanors. But Colbert always manages to keep up with the ever-breaking, ever-shifting, always-a-shitshow news cycle.

In the video above, he tackles the news of Trump sharing highly classified intelligence with the Russians (that time top Russians were chilling in the Oval Office with the Russian press and American reporters were banned. What could have possibly gone wrong? Now we know: boastfully sharing international secrets with a foreign adversary.) Whee!

Colbert doesn’t let us forget the shocking firing of James Comey that made the Russian visit (the very next day) such an enormous story in the first place, even before we knew about the President bragging about receiving great intelligence every day to his good Russian friends.

I live for Stephen Colbert’s Trump impression when he imagines the Trump/Comey dinner “OK, I want loyalty, you want honesty, let’s meet in the middle at loyalsty.”

My favorite moment? Watergate 2: Resign Harder, with a two-faced mashup of Nixon and Trump and the tagline, “This summer, he is a crook.”

watergate2 copy

(Richard Nixon wouldn’t even believe the shit we’re experiencing.)

Thank you for making me laugh for the first time in what feels like a week and a century, Stephen. Thank you so much.

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