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“Steampunk Palin” Comic Sure to Reel in Young Voters

So, yeah! Good afternoon everyone! If you haven’t been suffering from Palin Fatigue and you can still stand to look at her without wanting to throw up a little bit, but also if you’ve been imagining her as a steampunk heroine, then good news! The “Steampunk Palin” comic exists in this universe, and you can buy it for your own personal consumption. If that’s your thing!

It’s slightly understandable that since, to people who consider themselves politically conservative, in line with the similarly overexposed Tea Party movement, beauty pageant runner-up/half-term governor of Alaska Sarah Palin is a good-lookin’ lady who says what’s on her mind and kills animals for fun with guns. Glorious, sacred, precious guns. And now, she is a reality TV star who speaks her mind through Twitter and Facebook and occasionally tries to talk about politics while not pushing her own brand of Annie Oakley-itis on the rest of the country. She’s inescapable. She is, to call it what it is, a troll. It doesn’t even matter what your political beliefs are. She’s a troll. She exists to be a nudge and pretend to be one of us at the same time she tells most of us that we’re ruining everything about everything.

But she’s hot. She’s the embodiment of the “hot librarian,” except she very nearly became the second-most powerful person in the world, so she’s not a fantasy creature. She’s done nothing but disappoint and annoy everyone since, but there is a small portion of the country who would be psyched to see her in sexed-up steampunk gear. With gigantic breasts.

And a tongue ring.

Just what America needs! Anyway, the basic plot involves Sarah Palin suggesting a switch to steam energy and then getting blown up and reconstructed as a partial cyborg powered by steam. But don’t worry, the book itself is about 15 pages of story and 8 pages of Palin “pin-ups,” so it’s perfectly designed for her followers who don’t exactly listen to Sarah Palin and prefer to simply masturbate to her image. And now I want to know if this was Glenn Beck‘s idea.

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