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Adorable Steampunk Minions Are Adorable

It Goes Ding When There's Stuff

Designer Joseph Drust is about to win all of your hearts. Because look at these little guys — a collection of steampunk-style “minions” made out of still-functional spare parts like USB drives, magnets, and LCD screens. The little dudes above are made from tesla coils. Right after the jump, you can see one lit up, plus more from the collection.

What kind of amazing space adventures would the minions have on the dark side of the moon?

These minions would be very at home on a submarine. And in our little sci-fi world, maybe they are a sort of submarine spawn.

This minion sits atop a working NES console. She knows every cheat code ever.

No, really. Look:

This little guy will capture sound waves and harness their power for great justice. (He really does make sounds, though.)

The tortoise minion will destroy you and leave you with nothing but tears and questions.

If this isn’t making someone demand a Pixar movie, then I can’t figure out what’s right with the world.

(Joseph Drust via Bit Rebels)

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