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Steam Keeps Their Summer Sale Exciting With Today’s Daily Deals

We love video games, but we also love money. That's why we love cheap video games.

Steam Sale

Steam is a really great option for people who want to play the occasional game without investing in a console, and it’s even greater when they run a sale. We’re on day 3 of Steam’s Summer Getaway Sale, and it’s a great time to build your Steam library on the cheap. Check out what they have in store for you today.

Here’s the list of titles available today at pretty significant discounts:

Tomb Raider 75% off
Resident Evil 6 50% off
Stardrive 66% off
The Witcher 2 75% off
Borderlands 2 66% off
RPG Maker VX Ace 66% off
Might & Magic Heroes VI 66% off
Sniper Elite Nazi Zombie Army 66% off
Age of Empires II HD Edition 50% off
Mars: War Logs 50% off

Many of the titles being offered also feature cards from Steam’s new trading card initiative, so if that’s something you’re into now’s your chance to add to that collection as well.

If you act quickly you can pick up some more games as part of the latest flash sale. The flash sale will be swapping out titles every eight hours, so if you want any of these title you better act fast:

L.A. Noire 75% off
Kinetic Void 66% off
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 70% off
Blood Bowl Chaos Edition 75% off

Go forth, gamers, and pick up some discounted titles.

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