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Steam Has a Mobile App Now, Get Ready to Spend

Everyone’s favorite PC game distribution platform Origin Steam is rolling out a mobile app. Get ready to spend 200% more on Steam sales. The new app, for both iOS and Android will allow users to chat with friends, check and update their friends list, and most importantly, buy games. Gone are the days of rushing to your computer to buy Steam games before the sweet deals expire. Also gone are they days of you having any money.

The app itself is free, as well it should be considering how much you are likely to shell out in impulse buys. Sure, the friends functionality may be cool for some, but the sales platform is probably what most users, and Steam itself, are excited about. For the moment, the app is in closed beta, but it’s easy to get on the guest list. Just download the app and log in with your Steam account and Steam will consider you interested. They’ll add these interested users to the closed beta as the app gets closer and closer to full release.

Perhaps the most important thing to note about this app is that it represents how Steam is doing everything right. In this day and age when everyone is all up in arms about piracy, Steam is proving to be a valuable example of how you can tackle that problem not with law, but with service. Steam is already beloved among many PC gamers for its simplicity, fair prices, and ludicrous sales. By creating an app, Steam is going to be able to deliver that same solid experience to gamers more easily. Gamers will be excited to buy things easier from a service they trust, and Steam will benefit from having them buy it. This is truly a feel-good innovation in “throwing my money at games I may never actually play but OH MY GOD they are so cheap, it’s like I’m losing money by not buying them.”

(via Giant Bomb)

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