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Here’s An Analysis Of Your State’s Preparation For The Zombie Apocalypse

Floridead, Nebrainska, Zombiesota: get your undead shit together.



Real estate blog Estately has done America a huge public service and compiled the definitive data on which states are prepared to conquer an Army of the undead and which will inevitably turn into apocalyptic Zombiestan wastelands. On the plus side, at least New York real estate prices will drop?

Estately’s incredibly comprehensive analysis of our national preparation for zombie disaster used 11 categories to measure a state’s threat level, looking at residents’ physical fitness, knowledge of zombies, and access to weapons. Factors examined included laser tag’s popularity in a given state, percentage of military veterans, and number of Evil Dead-heads. The results were calculated and then turned into this essential list, take a look and see if you need to start planning your route to Terminus:


No wonder Rick and co. can’t catch a break! Georgia is 47th!

I highly recommend checking out the insightful state profiles on Estately’s website–if your home is vulnerable to a zombie invasion, it can help you choose where to move next. Probably Alaska, although there I would just worry about vampires.

(via Estately)

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