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Find Out Which State You Really Belong In With Time Magazine’s Online Quiz

Spoiler alert: nobody belongs in Hawaii or Alaska. Womp womp.

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Do you feel out of place in your current state? Mind you, we mean the actual geographical state that you live in if you’re a U.S. resident, not your emotional or psychological state. We can’t help you with those. But according to a team of researchers from the University of Cambridge, the “American mood” differs depending on what part of the country you live in.

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In order to illustrate the data that these researchers gathered, Time Magazine put together an adorable 10 question quiz to determine what state personality yours might resemble (although there weren’t enough survey participants from Hawaii or Alaska, so we guess they don’t count here). One of us here got Massachusetts as a result; another got New Mexico. Guess which of us got which state and you win a prize! The prize is that you’ve won. It’s a no-prize, really. But you’ll be the winner!

If you want to take the test for yourself or learn more about the giant 13-year long survey that the test is based on, then head on over to the Time website. Then let us know what you all got, because we’re insanely curious now.

(via Time Online Edition)

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