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Test Your Grammar Know-How (Or Shame Your Friends) With This Quick Grammar Game

Maybe score 100% before you correct anyone else's grammar online?

Grammar 3

Are you forever trolling the internet, commenting on posts with incorrect grammar? Do your friends consider you a “Grammar Nazi?” Well, you better put your money where your mouth is, and test your grammar skills using Grammatically Speaking, a quick little grammar game we found online!

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Grammatically Speaking tests all your grammar know-how, from proper punctuation, to the proper use of “that” or “which” in a sentence. Our favorite part of the test is that it shows you what percentage of users got each question wrong – for example, people are particularly terrible at “it’s” vs. “its” and when to use “me” vs. “I.”

Grammar 2

I got 91% on the quiz – not as awesome as I’d hoped, but it’s the average percentage for people who play, so I guess it’s not all that bad. Leave your percentage in the comments, and we’ll battle it out for grammar greatness!

(via Staples, image via Jaysin Trevino)

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