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Tonight’s State of the Union Will Have More Social Media, Probably More Statiness and Unionness as a Result*

Or maybe just more selfies. *Actual statiness and unionness may vary.


The White House is trying to punch up the State of the Union stream this year with added social media integration. You can tweet all of your nodding and incessant clapping right along with government officials, and you can Vine, Instagram, Tweet, and Facebook— the things hip, young voters like to do— your concerns in an online Q&A session afterwards.

I’ve included the stream itself above, which will begin at 9PM EST, but no doubt you’ll want to really get in on all of the intense social media action by heading over the the stream page. Then you can tweet about it with the hashtag #SOTU, and you can get in on the post-game question round when it’s all over with #SOTUchat.

Or you could just make a bunch of GIFs any time someone makes a funny face and tweet it with #SOTU. That works, too.

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