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Starz Might Do an Aliens-Inspired Military Sci-Fi Show With a Female Lead and Same-Sex Relationships. Yippee!

Almost Totally Excellent

The show’s called Incursion, it’s created by Spartacus showrunner (and Whedonverse/Smallville writer) Steven S. DeKnight, and it sounds freaking amazing.

DeKnight describes the show as “an R-rated, military show set in the future [and they’re] fighting aliens on different planets,” with each season taking place on a new world. He counts Band of Brothers, Halo, and Black Hawk Down among the show’s influences—and, most notably, Aliens. Keeping with that vibe, the military in the show will feature men and women serving alongside one another. But Incursion, unlike most military sci-fi stories, won’t have a male lead: “I definitely wanted to avoid that,” said DeKnight. “I wanted to go down a different path.”

So. A military sci-fi show with a female lead. Pretty cool. Need another reason to be intrigued? Via The Huffington Post:

“I’m taking the same approach to what I did with ‘Spartacus,’ in that same-sex relationships are completely accepted,” DeKnight said. “It doesn’t matter if you’re gay or straight or bi or anything — in the future, that makes no difference whatsoever.” In fact, DeKnight said he hasn’t figured out a way to do so yet, but he’s hoping to depict polyamorous relationships, “where you can have a husband, a wife and a husband, or any combination thereof … I find [that] deeply fascinating.”

I’ve never watched Spartacus, but what I’ve heard about it is that it’s cheesy but really good in its depiction of female characters and non-straight sexuality (correct me in the comments if I’m wrong), so that makes me hopeful about Incursion. (Also, my pun-loving heart loves the possibility of an outer space-set show on a network called Starz. Don’t look at me.)

Tempering my enthusiasm is the fact that, though DeKnight’s been working on the show since last year and has written several scripts, it has yet to be officially greenlit. Get on this, Starz. Incursion sounds like something we’ve rarely—maybe never?—seen on TV before, and we need more of that. Don’t let me down.

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