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Pratt/Evans Super Bowl Bet Phase 1 Complete: Star-Lord Visits Boston, Blows Kids’ Minds

*Sniff* Sorry, I think I have an infinity stone in my eye.

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We all knew that the Super Bowl bet between Chris Pratt and Chris Evans was going to end with them visiting Seattle Children’s Hospital and Christopher’s Haven together no matter who won, but we didn’t expect it to be so soon. Guys! We’re still reeling over your photobombs, GIVE US A BREAK ALREADY.

The photos are courtesy of Pratt’s Facebook post from about an hour ago, where he old his followers: “Made good on that ‪#‎twitterbowl‬ bet! Starlord is roud [sic] to be in Boston today at Christopher’s Haven with Chris Evans and some awesome families. #12thMan‬”. The 12th Man, by the way, is a term that the Seattle Seahawks use to denote their most loyal fans—a team can only have 11 players on the field at a time in American football,  so the 12th man is kind of like the team’s hypothetical honorary member. Look at that! We both just learned a sports thing! Hooray!

Chris Evans didn’t suit up himself, but to be fair, Pratt straight up stole his costume from the set for this exact purpose and probably has it packed in his suitcase whenever he goes out of town just in case, because of course he does. So maybe Captain America has to take a quick detour at Marvel on his way to Seattle later this month to pick up his gear first. Either way, they’re gonna make a lot of children happy no matter what, and that’s what’s really important.

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