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Chris Evans and Chris Pratt Resolve Their Super Bowl Bet, Are Beautiful Sports Goobers


Last we heard of the ongoing battle between Star-Lord and Captain America, they’d made a friendly Super Bowl bet with one another where the loser would visit a local children’s hospital (Seattle Children’s and Christopher’s Haven, respectively) from the winning team’s town.

sWell, the Super Bowl happened, so who won the bet? Pretty much all of us, that’s who. First off, here’s some beautiful fanart trash talking you might have missed courtesy of the two gentleman (but mostly Chris Pratt):

Even if you missed out on the game last night you can probably tell from all the heated arguments and excited New Englanders on Twitter today that Evans must have won the bet (Also, listen, I know Evans is from Boston, but it’s never not going to make me laugh that Captain America is rooting for a team called “The Patriots.” That’d be like if Pratt were a fan of the Seattle Kevin Bacons). Here’s how they settled things.

So basically, even though Evans won, they’re both going to visit each others’ children’s hospitals anyway because they are better than us. Bless you both.

But as much as it warms our heart, this story of do-goodery is… just too neatly wrapped up for our liking. Like, they had a bet, they’re going to be great people and make a lot of kids happy, whatever, blah blah blah. We need a more compelling hook here. What’s a good juicy bit of nonsense we can end on?

Yup, that’ll do it.

(via Uproxx)

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