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Spawn More Overlords by Sewing Your Own Adorable Overlord Plushie

And I'll Form the Head!

Speaking as a person who has never managed to finish the Star Craft single-player campaign because I would inevitably get really tired of the suite of squelching, sucking, squealing noises that every Zerg unit made with each click; arixystix’s Overlord plush creation is super appealing.

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And if you think that little fanged face is cute, you should see what it looks like floating.

Dangly legs!

If you’d like to create your own dangly legged Overlord, look no further than Arixystix’s etsy page, where she has the pattern (but not the plush) for sale. If you’re not up to the challenge, maybe you’ve got a stitchy friend?

(via So Geek Chic.)

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