Star Wars Uncut is Going to Organize The Empire Strikes Back Uncut! Yay!

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Star Wars Uncut is a project that could only come about through the internet and with the support of a rabid fan community: the people behind it separated Star Wars: A New Hope into segments of no more than fifteen seconds, and allowed fans to claim segments and restage them however they wanted. The sound had to be from the original movie, but the visuals? Cardboard costumes, action figure stop-motion, claymation, and straight up genuine attempts to perfectly recreate the scene were all acceptable. Then, once every 15 second segment had been covered, they’d all be strung together in one bizzare fan-made movie where for fifteen seconds, an Imperial Star Destroyer is represented by a slice of pizza.

Their trailer for Star Wars Uncut: The Empire Strikes Back, clearly filmed partially at the recent Star Wars Celebration con, is in keeping with that spirit. And if you’d like to watch all two hours and five minutes of Star Wars Uncut, well, that’s available free right here.

(via Topless Robot.)

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