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Star Wars Resistance Thankfully Recasts Leia After Original Actress Mocked Christine Blasey-Ford

Leia in Star Wars Resistance

With only days to go before the premiere of Star Wars Resistance, a great cry came up from the Star Wars fandom. Actress Rachel Butera, who was set to voice General Leia Organa, posted a video (which was deleted, but that you can watch in this post) mocking Dr. Christine Blasey-Ford’s voice on the day she testified against Brent Kavanaugh. The fandom was in an uproar, calling for Butera to apologize and for Leia to be recast.

It seems as though quietly, and without any fanfare, Lucasfilm listened. When Leia made her first speaking appearance in Resistance this past weekend, she was voiced by Carolyn Hennesy rather than Butera. So far, there has been no official statement from Butera or Lucasfilm as to the casting change, but it is easy to imagine that it came about because of Butera’s terrible jokes on social media. Leia previously appeared in the first episode, but without any speaking lines; given that she had lines in the trailer, this pointed to her being cut or recast.

The role of Leia means so much to so many people that it makes sense that they would recast her. Leia, and Carrie Fisher, stood for something more than just a princess or a general. She represented standing up for what is right, courage in the face of overwhelming odds, and a general fighting spirit. It would have been a disgrace to Leia and Carrie’s legacies to have an actress who mocked Dr. Blasey-Ford, an actual real life hero, continue to voice the role.

The most interesting element of this is that Lucasfilm did this with no fanfare whatsoever. There was no public announcement. They simply went ahead with their decision, despite the fact that it definitely hampered their original plans for airing the show with Leia in the pilot. I am impressed that Lucasfilm made such a major decision and is not reaping in the glory, but simply doing this because it is the right thing to do.

For those of you who were feeling hesitant about Resistance given Butera’s casting, rest easy (and give the show a chance!) now that Hennesy has stepped in. The first season is currently on hiatus, and will return in the spring at a to-be-announced date, with Leia hopefully playing a bigger role.

(via CinemaBlend, image: Lucasfilm)

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