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How To Make Ahsoka Tano (And other Star Wars character) Paper Snowflakes

For A More Civilized Age

Remember paper snowflakes? The one purely non-denominational but seasonal craft activity that your elementary school art teacher could allow you to engage in, provided there were enough left- and right-handed safety scissors for everyone? Well, this year among all the snow flakes you craft by hacking some triangles out of your tightly folded spear of paper, why not put up some that look a little more familiar, just to weird out anyone who passes your window? Anthony Herrera, graphic designer and geek dad extraordinaire, has your solution.

Inspired by Matters of Grey’s four sets of instructions for Imperial themed snowflakes, he’s designed five more, beginning with Ahsoka, but moving on to Yoda, 3P0, Admiral Ackbar and a lonely scout trooper. Check em out!

(via Blastr.)

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