There’s Something Familiar About These Star Wars: The Force Awakens Fan Reactions

Should we believe them, or are they victims of an old Jedi mind trick?

By the end of today, many of you will have finally seen the first proper sequel to the original Star Wars trilogy and formed your own opinions on how Disney, J.J. Abrams, and that wonderful cast fared. Until then, you have a few hours left of relying on the opinions of others, and we’ve been burned before …

Yes, much like fans reacted to The Phantom Menace trailer with hype similar to that surrounding The Force Awakens, these early civilian reactions (critics aside) are eerily reminiscent of a past we’d like to forget. Of course, all that means is that everything is still up in the air. Early impressions by those most eager to see a movie will be most positive (I once spent the better part of a day insisting I had loved Spider-Man 3), but that doesn’t automatically mean that the opposite is true, either.

We can only hope that these fans won’t look back on their post-Force Awakens high in a few years with regret, although all indications at this point are that we won’t be let down.

(via Games Radar)

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