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Your Tastebuds Can’t Handle Flavor of This Magnitude

And Fansplosions Abound

If you’re unfamiliar with Epic Meal Time, they are an internet video series where a bunch of dudes get together to be hilariously over-macho and do things like wrap pizza in bacon that’s been covered in peanut butter and then deepfry it and cover it in chocolate. Or make turtle soup and bacon turtles with hotdog limbs. Funny? Yes. Impressive? Usually? Nauseating? Sometimes.

This isn’t Epic Meal Time. This is Valerie Lapomme hosting a Epic Meal style video with an epic nerd twist. There is a lot of cursing in here, so NSFW unless you have headphones, and also, like, mayonnaise being mixed with Thousand Island dressing in a giant bowl.

There is also an explosion. And now I’m starving.

(via Topless Robot.)

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