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Happy Star Wars Day! …and Avengers Day! …and Almost-Free-Comic-Book-Day Day!

And Fansplosions Abound

Ahh, May 4th, christened Star Wars Day because of its homonymic qualities in common with the phrase “may the force:” the one day of the year when the Avengers comes out and then we all get free comic books. While I can’t be entirely certain that this is the geekiest weekend of the year, seeing as how we’re still waiting on two more superhero bockbusters this summer, and eventually, you know, part one of The Hobbit is going to come out just shy of the Mayan Apocalypse… I think this weekend, with its confluence of Star Wars Day, the (American) Avengers release, and Free Comic Book Day, is pretty high in the running.

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Lets start the excitement right here.

There is some argument over whether Star Wars day is properly considered to be May 25, as was decreed by Los Angeles county in 2007, to commemorate the theatrical release of the very first Star Wars movie. However, I think most people would agree that there’s no harm in overcelebrating the film series, and it seem that May 4th is solidly in the lead, probably due to the devastating technological advance that is Having a Pun. I’m wearing my favorite Star Wars shirt from Her Universe, which incidentally, is launching a number of their items for sale through Hot Topic today, who, incidentally, is having a 20% off sale on all Star Wars items today only.

The Avengers has actually premiered a number of places outside the US right now, and it’s hard to tell who’s more frustrated: American fans who haven’t gotten to see it yet, or European fans who are missing out on a single extra scene not filmed in time for the European release. But the movie has finally reached its widest release date, and now I’m going to have to stop looking at tumblr until I get a chance to see it on Sunday.

Free Comic Book Day historically occurs on the first Saturday in May, just in time for the first comic-book-related summer blockbuster of the year. On FCBD you can visit any participating comic book retailer to pick up a bunch of totally free comics made just for Free Comic Book Day by a wide range of mainstream and independent comic publishers.

Different stores may have slightly larger or smaller selections of free comics, because some stores will not be able to afford to give away that many comics for free. “But they’re free!” I hear you ask. Well, yes, they’re free for us, the public. But the stores pay, in order to get the comics in the first place from retailers, and whether or not they can afford to offer any of the titles above at all depends on their finances. So, when you go to Free Comic Book Day, pick up a graphic novel, poster, or something else from the store, like Womanthology or Hark, A Vagrant!. Support your local comic store, or they won’t be around forever. And besides! They just gave you a bunch of free stuff.

For the full list (of which I have merely posted highlights here) check the FCBD website. To find a participating store near you, go here and put in your zipcode.

Now go forth and have a geekend geeky weekend, and may the fourth be ever in y with you!

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