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Star Wars to Be Released In 3-D

Add another item to the list of things that George Lucas will do to beat one last round of cash out of his “once beloved accidental masterpiece.”

In a move that we’re much more familiar coming out of big studios who wouldn’t know artistic motivation if it kicked them in the pants, Lucas will be re-releasing all six Star Wars movies to theaters in 3-D, beginning in 2012 with Episode I: The Phantom Menace.   According to The Hollywood Reporter, he was inspired by Avatar.  (Not The Last Airbender.)

20th Century Fox must be pinching themselves.

So, to recap: Star Wars on Blu-Ray supposedly comes out in 2011.  Then, sometime in 2012, the movies will come out in 3-D.  You can bet a boxed set of those (for the putative 3-D television market) won’t come out until they’re finished with that release, so 2013 at the earliest.  Perhaps by then we’ll be able to ignore the fact that this is the sixth time Star Wars has been rereleased.

I think I speak for almost everyone when I say that I don’t give two shits about seeing the prequels in 3D, but I’ll totally go see Hope and Jedi just for the Death Star trench and speeder bikes on Endor’s forest moon.

So… take that, Lucas.  : /

(via Switched.)

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