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Damon Lindelof Remains Cryptic About Star Trek 2: To Khan or Not to Khan?


Oh, Lindelof, you epic tease you. Team you up with J.J. Abrams again and you just think you can play with our emotions and our completely premature expectations of a villain for the next Star Trek? Dude. These are the days of Glee: Everything gets spoiled all the time ever. How dare you not bow to our whims and tell us everything we want to know!

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In any case, it may be evident at this point that, in this interview with MTV, Damon Lindelof is questioned about the villain in the highly anticipated follow-up to J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek, only to do the old-fashioned thing and leave some things to actually be, you know, anticipated.

Apparently the producers and writers behind the film put together a “Pro and Khan Con” list (lol, pun) to make the decision, but Lindelof refuses to say what they landed on. While the interviewer point out that Khan–the genetically engineered tyrant who first appeared in the episode “Space Seed” and then in the second Star Trek film–was the best villain ever used on the show, Lindelof still won’t budge, specifically saying:

Those decisions have been made and we are not waffling on them…I think that to Khan or not to Khan was the jumping off question. Once we came to that decision we stuck to our guns.

About other aspects of the next film, he said this:

The first movie was really kind of designed as a buddy cop movie; that’s definitely a huge theme of Trek and one that you cannot abandon, but I do think that the sequel is also going to want to explore other relationships, and certainly characters who are more in the background get to shine a little bit brighter.

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