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‘Squid Game: The Challenge’ Will Return for Season 2

Guards in the hallway in Squid Game: The Challenge.

If you’ve been a longtime fan of the hit series Squid Game, now is your second chance to be part of the conspiratorial playground with Netflix’s real-life, less deadly version: Squid Game: The Challenge. With the first season wrapped up, what do we know about season 2 so far? Let’s talk about it.

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Like the fictional series it’s based on, Netflix’s game show has a huge prize to be won by the end. There are also dire consequences, but not nearly as life-threatening as those in the original KDrama. Squid Game: The Challenge was a hit in its first season, and producers are eager to greenlight another season.

Players in the game are reduced to numbers, and audiences will amusedly watch the betrayal and drama among the contestants The only difference is that none of us are billionaires funding an actually deadly game, right? That’s a discussion to be had for another article, since there have been plenty of worthwhile criticisms about the series for “missing the point.”

This season 2 news is a rather early announcement for a series that just finished. The one to take the $19M cash prize has only just been revealed, but it was clear that this wouldn’t be the last season of Squid Game: The Challenge. Casting has been announced not just for the U.S. and U.K. for season 2, but also for the entire world. Anybody could be scouted once they fill up this form and become part of the reality show’s next season.

That doesn’t mean they would be randomly picked up by a van in the middle of the night somewhere in Seoul, and Netflix has their own criteria. Anybody who is at least 21 years old, is available to film for four weeks, has a valid passport to travel to specified locations, and is not in related to or previously hired by media partners listed in the registration form, is welcome to apply.

If chosen, they will be one out of 456 players in a competition where the winner takes all the cash. Even if the second season has already been confirmed, only the search is open and it’s unclear when it will be releasing, though this could easily become a yearly production from Netflix, bringing us season 2 near the end of 2024.

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