Injured Yor getting asked out on a date by Loid from the first episode of Spy x Family Season 2 (Wit Studio and CloverWorks)

‘Spy x Family’s Season 2 Opener Comes From This Part of the Manga

The Forgers returned for Mission 26, episode 1 of Spy x Family season 2. The episode is based on Chapter 15.1’s Extra Mission 2 of the manga, and it’s faithful to its source material from start to finish. Yor, who was just about finished with her “work” for the day couldn’t wait to grab some groceries and then go home to her family. But during a call with The Shopkeeper, she was injured by one of the men who survived Yor’s assassination.

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She survived the attack and walked home, although she was severely injured. Anya and Loid greeted her, but she looked worse for wear and headed straight for her bedroom hoping that sleep would get rid of the pain the next day.

Loid, being the overthinker he is, thought that Yor hated him for making her buy eggs on her way home. He surmised that the only reason she would appear grouchy would be if he asked something of her that felt like a burden. Despite being notably logical, Loid panicked and thought that Yor’s dissatisfaction would ultimately lead to the failure of Operation Strix.

He concludes that a date is necessary “for the mission” so that the family is kept together. Only Anya knows the full truth of the situation and finds her adoptive father to be “hopeless.”

Yor panics over Loid’s date invite but thinks it’s a “good learning opportunity” for her to understand how dates work, even if she’s in a lot of pain. Anya decides to tail her parents during their date, with Frankie as her guardian, and leaves the house to Bond, her dog. Loid does everything to cheer Yor up but fails repeatedly throughout their date because he still doesn’t know that Yor was shot.

Frankie laughs at a distance beside Anya over Loid’s failure to make Yor happy, despite having a track record of being smooth with women. The lengths Loid is willing to go through and his determination to make Yor happy is supposedly “all for the mission,” and he had rationalized this even in the first season. But fans were quick to point out that this is more than just for the sake of the mission, and that Loid is smitten with his fake wife.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t be extremely concerned over Yor’s feelings or even try to appease her bad mood. He could console himself and reason out that all lies are effective when it has a pinch of truth. Maybe he’s just not ready to accept that he’s grown closer to his fake family so that his judgment isn’t clouded. This doesn’t change the fact that Twilight, the man known for getting the job done, is now affected by the feelings of Yor and Anya. He’s simply happy to have given Yor a good experience by the end of their date, and he looks relaxed as they both take in a great view of the lights in the city.

Anya cares a lot about her mom and dad, and it’s been that way since the first season. But she’s also proven that she is truly the protege of Twilight and the Thorn Princess with the way she apprehended an assassination attack against Yor. She singlehandedly made a bomb to stop Yor’s assassin and threatened him with the information she gained through her esper abilities. Anya is truly a product of her environment, but it’s all done out of love for family and world peace.

(featured image: Wit Studio/Clover Works)

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