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See the Sony Xperia Stand Up to Lemonade and Water in The Picnic

Don't try this at home... unless you have the new Xperia. Then you might be fine.

Kids are great, but they’ve been known to void some warranties and destroy their share of gadgets. This new video from Sony shows that it’s going to take more than a little kid with some lemonade to kill the Xperia. Your move, little girl.

If you have a child and a smartphone it’s only a matter of time before that phone gets wet. It’s great that Sony has realized this and made a phone that can stand up to a little liquid. It also helps that the phone itself looks beautiful.

Of course kids aren’t the only risk your phone runs of getting wet. There’s also stuff like rain, surprise water gun attacks, and jumping fully clothed into swimming pools like people so often do in movies. It’s good to have something that can withstand those very real dangers.

The bigger problem here is escalation. If you build a phone that your child can’t ruin by dunking into a glass of lemonade, they’re going to find new ways of destroying your stuff. We’re willing to bet Sony’s R and D department is trying to stay one step ahead of your kids to keep your stuff working.

And come on, you never wanted to pour water your smartphone? It looks fun.

Learn more about the Sony Xperia on their website.

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