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Both Shows for Zero-Budget Spider-Man Musical Sell Out in Seconds

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If you were in the NYC area and hoping to see Spiderman Smackdown aka The Spidey Project, you are out of luck — both shows for the zero-budget musical, which is being hosted by the People’s Improv Theater, sold out in seconds. I mean, literally, I was on my computer at noon today, ready to load the page, and when it loaded, BOOM. “Tickets for this show have sold out.” This probably had a lot to do with the tickets being totally free of charge, as creator Justin Moran had hoped. This is truly a victory for independent theater, as well as a big poke in the eye for Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, which had to hire a new writer, new director, replace all of its injured performers, slash its ticket prices, and now faces $12,600 fines for OSHA violations. But dude, we want to see this show! We’re very psyched that it’s kicking so much box-office booty, but how many people are going to miss out on this awesome thing?

A side note: I, personally, would have loved to see a documentary about this. I hope Justin Moran and his crew took some video so we non-ticket-holding plebians can get a glimpse!

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