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If This Spider-Man: No Way Home Spoiler Is True …

Spider-Man pointing at another Spider-Man, who is pointing back.

So there is a meme …

To be more specific, there is a Spider-Man meme … One that has taken the world by storm time and time again and we all love to use it and make jokes with it. It made an appearance in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and is a wonderful little fandom joke that we all keep going. I’m talking about Spider-Man pointing at another Spider-Man.

Originating in the 1967 animated Spider-Man cartoon, the meme has stuck around and become a favorite of fans online so much so that it’s just easily recognizable and has now become part of what fans hope happens in Spider-Man: No Way Home—mainly because we want it to confirm that Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield are actually making an appearance in the third Tom Holland movie.

Andy Signore, director and co-creator of Honest Trailers, DID reply to some artwork making fun of the Spider-Man point by saying that he’s heard a real-life version of the popular meme was created for Spider-Man: No Way Home with Tom Holland’s Peter Parker meeting Tobey Maguire’s version first, and then Andrew Garfield’s Spidey later on.

So is this true? Are we really going to get two versions of the point in the movie? Well, first they’d have to stop trying to lie to all of us about Maguire and Garfield. The issue with No Way Home is that everyone is trying to keep things secret as if we don’t all know that Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire are almost definitely in this movie. (I say almost because if I’m wrong, I do not want to be yelled at, but like come on.)

What I do hope that No Way Home does is establish that both the Sam Raimi trilogy and the Marc Webb The Amazing Spider-Man movies exist in their own timeline and doesn’t take anything away from them. As someone who has been a fan of all these movies since they came out, I’m just so tired of the fight over who is the best. I have my opinion (one that people have yelled at me about, but whatever), but that doesn’t mean I don’t love all versions of Spider-Man.

So, letting Maguire and Garfield into the Holland universe and showing fans that they’re all Peter Parker and that they all still have their own stories? It’d be a beautiful nod to longtime fans while still giving Tom Holland’s Peter Parker his own agency, and clearly this is something I’ve thought a lot about.

This spoiler would be a fun nod to fans and a fun exploration of the lasting power that these Spider-Man properties have, but I just hope that this is still Tom Holland’s movie and that these parts for Maguire and Garfield are just cameos. I will take the point meme in live-action form, though.

(via Yahoo!, image: Marvel Entertainment)

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