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If This Really Is What the New Movie Spider-Man Costume Looks Like, It’s Awesome


Unless the web-weaving nature of spiders imparted some innate sewing abilities on Spidey, it’s always been a bit ridiculous that he created that intricate costume all by himself—especially the fancy way it’s been depicted in movies in the past. But at least one thing will change for the better in the next iteration of movie Spider-Man: his costume will look a lot more “homemade” in a really fun way.

At least, that’s the going rumor circulating the Internet at the moment. Latino Review says they’ve got a source close to Spider-Production (which I really wish I hadn’t phrased that way, because spider production sounds gross) who’s seen the new costume—someone has to have seen it by now, considering it’s going to be in Captain America: Civil War in under a year. This source understandably didn’t want to get caught sharing illegally obtained images of the costume with the entire Internet, so they instead pointed to this DeviantArt design by artist SpikeSDM—so keep your expectations in check accordingly—as being indicative of what we can expect from the movie:


It’s a huge departure for Spider to be sure, but remember that at its rumory best, this is just an idea of the direction the costume will go in—I doubt they’ll actually have him running around in nearly bare feet, for starters. (Though it would make a lot of sense for his ability to stick to walls…) It does, at least, fall in line with Kevin Feige’s offhand comment about Peter already running around the MCU in a home made costume.

Purists might object to swapping out the traditional spandex suit for a more street clothes-inspired look, but I kind of prefer it. Though how does it work with hiding it under his clothes? Does he just stuff it in his backpack? Or is the shirt/jacket reversible, and he can just flip it the other way around? That’d probably be even more obvious than Clark Kent’s glasses. What do you think?

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