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Spider-Man’s Captain America: Civil War Scene Has Already Been Shot!



As the team for the eventual Spider-Man solo film finally becomes publicly solidified, information about the next version of the web-head is slowly trickling out. Now, the writers have confirmed not only that Spidey will pop up in next year’s Captain America: Civil War, but his scene has already been shot!

Of course, they had to shoot it this early to do all the special effects work and CGI they’ll need to make the Avengers look surprised to see the (approximately) 1-millionth movie Spider-Man of the last 15 years.

While promoting their Vacation reboot, the writers of the new Spider-Man movie, John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein, told Vulture that they’re going to Marvel this weekend to check out the footage of Tom Holland as Spider-Man in Civil War. Goldstein said, “We hear good things. We might even get to look at the Spidey suit, which is exciting.” Sadly, they probably won’t let us know if it’s anything like those extremely sketchy rumors.

However, Daley mentioned that some things we think we know about the Spider-Man film could unravel rather quickly—there are no solid cast or character plans yet: “We’ve discussed certain characters, but nothing is certain yet, for sure.” The one thing that is certain is we’ll all now spend the weekend knowing someone out there is watching MCU movie footage with Spider-Man and having mixed jealously/”finally” emotions.

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