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Sean Spicer Might Be Gone, But Melissa McCarthy’s SNL Outtakes Are Forever

When looking at Sean Spicer’s career as White House press secretary, did anyone expect him to survive this long? Given how inept he is at his job, and how angry he reportedly makes Trump, every single day Spicer has shown up to work has felt like a surprise. But now Politico is reporting that it might finally be happening–that Trump might not be firing Spicer outright, but that like Kellyanne Conway, he might just sort of fade into the background until we hopefully forget he was ever there.

According to that report, the communications team has served as a “convenient scapegoat” for Trump, as it does for any President. It’s easy to blame the messenger for mistakes or mix-ups on either end of that White House/press partnership. But Spicer “has sometimes added to a White House steeped in controversy,” and Trump isn’t happy about it. “The briefings have become one of the most dreaded parts of the president’s day, and Trump has told allies and aides he doesn’t want Spicer, who has developed a belligerent persona from behind the lectern, publicly defending and explaining the message anymore, officials added.”

So the word is Spicer’s role will be “downsized.” Sarah Huckabee Sanders may replace Spicer in the briefings, which may not happen as regularly, as Trump has been trying to move away from them for as long as he’s been in office anyway.

While Spicer’s press briefings were painful to watch, at the very least, he seemed as unhappy to be up there as we were to see him there. Odds are Spicer will be replaced by Conway or Huckabee Sanders, or another smiling, dead-eyed yes-man (or yes-woman), and that’s possibly even harder to watch.

Another downside to Spicer being sidelined is that it would almost definitely mean less of Melissa McCarthy’s spectacular impression. It’s a thing of beauty, and it will be missed. Just look at the outtakes (above) that Saturday Night Live released from the prerecorded bit of last week’s “Sean Spicer Returns” sketch. We were delighted with McCarthy’s travelling podium before, during, and now after the episode. Watch McCarthy navigate the streets of New York City, yelling adlibs at cars and being cheered on by fans.

It’s kind of shocking that something this joyful could come out of Sean Spicer’s tenure at the White House.

(image: YouTube)

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