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Space Invaders Jewelry, Because the Internet Loves Us and Wants Us to Be Happy

Our Adorable Past

When I saw this picture on EPIC Ponyz this morning, I had to wonder what other wearable art inspired by one of my favorite 1980s video games, Space Invaders, had to exist out there. (My favorite, because the 1980s was the last time I played video games and also because I cannot play video games.) Well, I was in luck, and so are you! Because in addition to that ring above (by Etsy user Virginie Millefiori), there is a whole world of retro 8-bit aliens with which to adorn yourself.

Earrings by Lola and Cash:

A pendant using recycled materials, by Gal Barash:

For those who wear cufflinks, these were made just for you (also by Virginie Millefiori):

If metals aren’t your thing, Etsy shop Filamento has this cross stich pendant:

Or these fabric earrings by Henrietta and Morty:

Etsy is definitely the place to look for jewelry like this, but what better way to support independent, geek-friendly designers? (Now, and beyond the holidays!)

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