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Sony, Let Me Live. Please Let the Spider-Man News Relax.

Spider-Man gives double thumbs up onstage in Spider-Man: Far From Home.

The battle over Peter Parker continues—well, sort of. Two weeks ago, fans of Spider-Man were worried when news broke that Sony and Disney were not going to work out an agreement for the character to stay in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The MCU had a deal with Sony to let Peter Parker exist in solo movies as well as in their team-up movies and, after Spider-Man: Far From Home, the deal was under renegotiation.

Sony now has said that the negotiations are over, the same thing that Disney said two weeks ago, because apparently both of these companies want to just keep talking about their conversations about Peter Parker. Why? Probably because none of it makes any sense, and we’re all worried about what it means for Peter in the long run. Prior to joining the MCU, Peter Parker had his fair share of movies. There were the Tobey Maguire films, which featured a nearly 30-year-old man trying to play an 18-year-old, and then, from there, we had Andrew Garfield, who was only slightly younger, doing the same thing.

It’s an extremely frustrating time because, for once, I finally felt like I was seeing Peter Parker in his true form. That being said, Tom Holland is still playing Peter Parker, MCU or no, so we don’t have to worry about yet another reboot of the franchise, but still, I don’t necessarily trust Sony.

What’s interesting is how Sony is addressing the situation: “Spider-Man was fine before the event movies.”

Here’s where I have to laugh, because … are you talking about the two attempts at Spider-Man previously? Because, as has been established, things were not exactly going great with the Garfield movies. With Holland, I finally felt like Peter Parker wasn’t just an adult man. He was a kid learning about his powers, something both the Maguire and Garfield movies attempted and, in my opinion, failed at.

Still, the Marvel family has hopes for Spidey. From Jeremy Renner campaigning for Spider-Man to stay in the MCU to Jon Favreau being hopeful about it, we might still have Spidey take on the bad guys with the rest of the Avengers. Favreau said,

I’ve been talking to everybody about it…I’m cautiously optimistic. I think it’s a long way away and I think the collaboration has been really strong up to this point so I’m hopeful that there’s away for us all to play together going forward.

To be quite honest, I still think this is just an elaborate way for Sony to do more Spider-Man movies while Marvel is focusing on building the new Avengers, and then they’ll bring him back when the next team-up movie happens. That way, he can play with Venom and the rest of the Spider-Verse and then come back to the MCU when needed. If this is what happens, it will be genius, and I’ll applaud both myself and Sony/Disney.

Until we know anything for sure though, can Sony just let me live for a little while? I’m tired.

(via Variety, image: Marvel Entertainment)

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