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Sony Entertainment Delivering Indian Game of Thrones Remake

An already epic show to be made THAT MUCH MORE EPIC.


Sony Entertainment TV will be broadcasting an Indian version of Game of Thrones is in production as we speak! As if the HBO series weren’t epic enough, the series currently being shot in India, called Rani Mahal (or “Queen’s Paradise”), is sure to turn the epic-ness dial up to eleven.

According to Pakistani news network, Ary News, this is the basic synopsis for Rani Mahal:

Daenerys Targareyn is a character from Game Of Thrones who is also referred to as the ‘Mother of Dragons’ on account of the three dragons she commands. Originally a princess, she along with her brother were exiled when her father was killed and his kingdom sacked. The novel chronicles the rise of the determined princess as she gains strength and amasses an army to avenge her father’s death and reclaim the throne. Then there are the Lannisters and the Starks, reputable, rival families who have nothing but spite for each other.

That’s kind of amazing. It’s a show about a princess named Daenerys….oh, and these other mo-fos, too. It’s certainly interesting that the remake seems to be so Daenerys-focused, but also forces us to wonder how accurate an adaptation of the books (or the show) this will actually be. What’s more, what will be changed/emphasized to speak more to Indian culture?

So far, the show is set to star Sakshi Thanvar as Daenerys, Anita Hassanandani as Cersei, and Parth Samthaan as know-nothing Jon Snow. What do you think?


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