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Things We Saw Today: Sony Delays Future Spider-Man Films Due to Pandemic

Plus Brad Pitt, dolphins, and more!

Spider-Man looking shocked

COVID-19 has brought much of the world to a screeching halt, including your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Sony has delayed the release date for the third Spider-Man film, pushing it from July 16, 2021 to November 5, 2021. Naturally, this shifts dates for the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well. Sam Raimi’s Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was set for that November date, and has since been pushed to March 25, 2022.

On the plus side, the highly anticipated Thor: Love and Thunder is now pushed a week earlier, to February 11, 2022. In addition, Into the Spider-Verse 2 is being pushed to October 7, 2022. Fans will have to wait a little bit longer to return to the MCU, and to new movies in general.

Given the quarantine, it’s unknown when Hollywood will go back to work. After all, film sets are just large groups of people congregating in tight spaces, so it may be a while before we see any new films or television series. It’s a good thing we’re in the midst of a content surplus, because we have plenty of films/series/quibis to tide us over until the Avengers re-assemble.

Still, it’s hard to know how much content studios already have in the can that has yet to be released. And once everything gets back to some semblance of normality, there’s no telling how and when these films will be released. While it’s been nice to catch up on everything from the couch, we’re looking forward to a time when we can return to movie theaters and see stories on the big screen.

(via io9, image: Marvel Entertainment)

  • Everyone loved seeing Brad Pitt as Dr. Fauci on SNL at Home. (via AVClub)
  • Captain Marvel should obviously be leading the Avengers, am I right? (via CBR)
  • Sebastian Stan as Dracula? Directed by Karyn Kusama? Yes please! (via Collider)
  • Watch out for drunk, dessert-stealing lizards in your back yard.
  • Check out this early style guide for The Simpsons characters. (via /Film)
  • Dave Chappelle hosts fundraiser for Comedy Store employees with fellow comics. (via EW)
  • These dolphins know how to party! (via Jezebel)
  • Big Poppa the bulldog is all of us during quarantine:

Hope you’re having a Super Sunday, Mary Suevians!

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