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Sonic Is Gonna Go Fast to Save the Universe(s) in Netflix’s Sonic Prime Animated Series

Ready for a Sonic multiverse?

Not to be confused with Optimus or Metroid (we’ll get something Samus related someday), Sonic Prime is a new animated series coming to Netflix in 2022. While he’s best known for his video game adventures, Sonic the Hedgehog has a pretty entertaining portfolio when it comes to animation. Though I’m STILL salty about that cliffhanger from Sonic SatAM (which has an opening theme that’s still a bop, thank you very much) and Sonic Boom had no right to be as hilarious as it was.

So when you tell me there’s gonna be another Sonic cartoon, I get excited.

Not much is known about Sonic Prime but we do know a couple of things thanks to Entertainment Weekly. Here are some quick details:

  1. The series will be 3D animated
  2. The first season will be 24 episodes
  3. The folks at WildBrain (Netflix’s Carmen Sandiego) are animating the series while Man of Action Entertain (Ben 10) will be serving as showrunners/producers
  4. There will be a “strange new multiverse” as Sonic races to save the universe
  5. We got a logo!

The multiverse idea might sound a little bonkers, but I’m thinking about how Sonic Generations created two universes, one with old school Sonic and one with modern Sonic. I’m wondering if this new series will do something like that, especially since there is a surprising amount of Sonic lore to pull from.

The classic games, the modern ones, the numerous animated series, the comics, the 2020 movie, and I’m sure I’m missing some things in-between. The idea of having Sonic meeting other variations of himself and his friends isn’t that farfetched and, well, has been done before. The real question is … how well would 90s cartoon Sonic get along with rockband with his siblings Sonic or extremely self-aware Sonic?

Will the multiverse remember THIS Sonic:

And what would be their thoughts on the many depictions of Robotnik?

Basically, if any video game franchise is gonna have a multiverse, it’s this one. I mean, we had two animated Sonics running at the same time back in the 90s, like, Sonic SatAM and Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog aired simultaneously. With the same voice actor! One was weekdays (Adventures) and one was Saturdays (SatAM) so, you know, it’s about time the cartoons embraced all of this.

With Roger Craig Smith stepping down as Sonic, there’s no word on who will be voicing him for the series, nor do we know what he’s going to look like or what other characters will appear. Will the animation be closer to how he looks in the movie? Or more like his style in the video games? The possibilities are endless, to be honest, since Sonic and makeover go hand and hand.

Since this is the year of the 30th anniversary, I expect that whatever gets revealed, it’ll be way past cool.

(Image: Paramount Pictures)

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