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Someone Is Totally Dead in Last Christmas, Right?

Emilia Clarke as Kate in Last Christmas

The latest movie from Paul Feig released its new trailer, and one thing is very clear: Someone is going to die. Written by Emma Thompson, the movie suddenly has everyone very concerned for our tear ducts come the holiday season. Last Christmas follows Kate (Emilia Clarke), a woman who very nearly died and is now trying to sort her life out while dealing with the anxiety over her past illness. She meets Tom (Henry Golding), who is looking at a bird outside her shop while Kate gets pooped on by said bird.

Through a series of run-ins, the two seem to spark a romance, and Kate learns to, once again, embrace her life rather than live in fear of her past illness. Sounds pretty much like your typical Christmas romcom, right? Well, I don’t trust it. Paul Feig, who brought us A Simple Favor, is brilliant in his weaving of stories, and to me, this trailer seems too cut and dried.

Now, first let me say that this movie (a) comes out on my 28th birthday and (b) is a Christmas movie, so I’m going to love it. Then again, it also looks like someone is dead and Kate is trying to find a reason to live her life to the fullest, and I really don’t think it’s going to end well. Thanks, Emma Thompson.

The working theory is that Henry Golding, everyone’s boyfriend after Crazy Rich Asians, is dead, and he’s the donor of Emilia Clarke’s heart (yeah, Merry Christmas to us all), mainly because the lyrics to Wham!’s famous “Last Christmas” go “Last Christmas, I gave you my heart, and the very next day, you gave it away.”

So now that we’ve all established that this movie is going to tear us in two, let’s get into some tweets about everyone already over-analyzing the Emma Thompson script.

Everyone is in some different stage of grief. There’s the shock …

Some are in denial …

Some in anger …

Bargaining …

Depression …

Testing …

And then finally, there are those of us that are accepting of what is going to happen.

Anyway, I can’t wait for my mom, who now is apparently a part of Film Twitter, to see this movie and for it to be very different from the cute romantic comedy that she thinks is coming out on my birthday!

Basically, we all have to be aware of the fact that this movie is going to hurt us emotionally, and that’s fine, whatever, we’ll deal. Happy birthday to me, I guess.

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