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Donald Trump Called His Own Supporters “Keyboard Warriors,” Which Is … Not a Compliment


Donald Trump gestures wildly during a meeting.

“Keyboard warriors” are often the people jump online and scream at other people over anything and everything in a way they’d never do if they had to show their face. They’re cowards trying to act tough. Basically, they’re internet trolls. That’s what you can call them.

So, Trump calling his own followers “keyboard warriors” as though it’s a sincere compliment is wonderfully ironic and beautiful, and he’s just insulting his entire base (and bots) without realizing that he’s doing so. Who out there is telling him these terms?

Let us think, for a second, what fun intern looked at Donald Trump, laughed, and told him to earnestly tweet out “Keyboard Warriors.” Let’s give them a moment of silence, and then some claps.

Okay now that that’s done, I just think it’s funny that the president attempted to be “hip” when Keyboard Warriors was never a thing that was cool. It was always an insult. Sometimes I wonder if he just sees something online and thinks he understands, and if he doesn’t, he just makes up his own meaning.

He seems like that guy. Probably because he’s a Gemini.

The fact of the matter is that Donald Trump has a lot of fake followers—more so than normal. With over 60% back in 2018, Donald Trump lost a lot of followers who were fake. In fact, I just did the audit of his account myself and found that over 16 million of his followers are fake. God bless those imaginary keyboard warriors. Where would he be without them?

All of this is baffling not because Donald Trump is trying to be hip and accidentally insulting his fan base, but rather because we’re in the middle of a pandemic and he’s worrying about this nonsense. I’m sorry, but if he wanted to go down in history as the greatest president we’ve ever had, he maybe would take the deaths of 90,000 Americans more seriously and listen to scientists, but what do I know. I just took AP Biology in high school.

Anyway, keyboard warriors are terrible people who yell and are aggressive, so like … an accurate description of your people, Trump! Just not a good one! Glad you recognize that those who support you are aggressive, angry, and people who use their words online but are too afraid to share who they really are because they know that they’re wrong in their stance on things.

Honestly, maybe he meant to insult them. Who knows? Anyway, I just wish the president of the United States would care about people dying of a virus and take steps to help us all out instead of going on Twitter and being ridiculous.

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