Screengrab of the "Solo: A Star Wars Story" trailer from the Super Bowl

Let Us Discuss Lando’s Perfect Fur Coat in the Solo Trailer

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UPDATE: Some users have pointed out that this looks more like a cape than a coat, and I hope they are right, because that would only make me love it more. 

We finally got our first look at Solo: A Star Wars Story in a 45-second TV spot during the Super Bowl. Obviously, that’s not a particularly long trailer, and we didn’t get to see much of Alden Ehrenreich’s acting as the title character, but we did get to see some very Star Wars scenery, some fast-moving fight scenes, and a few great glimpses at the characters.

As someone who dreams of the day that the Day Cape™ comes into the fashion mainstream, I was personally invested in seeing how wonderful Donald Glover would look as the ever-fashionable Lando Calrissian, and I was not disappointed.

Screengrab of the "Solo: A Star Wars Story" trailer from the Super Bowl

I love this jacket. I love this hero shot.

Rumors about Solo: A Star Wars Story have abounded due to its troubled production process. The original directors, Phil Lord and Chris Miller, were removed from the project and replaced by Ron Howard. Sources have said that Howard re-shot almost the entire film, and that his efforts doubled the budget of the movie.

Back in December, we also heard that “Disney is bracing themselves for the Han Solo movie to bomb.” Sources said the studio was “worried about it before all The Last Jedi controversy, but now they’re essentially writing Solo off. The lead actor, Alden Ehrenreich, can’t act, and they had a dialogue coach on hand for all of his scenes. On top of that, the script is unworkable. It’s going to be a car crash.”

As a result, expectations were wary at best. But now that we’ve actually seen some footage, however sparing, what did you all think? Were some of your fears assuaged? Were they made worse? Or are you going to hold out judgment until we see more?

I know how I’m feeling:

(via io9, image: screengrab)

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